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Spy Store International has been in the Surveillence & Security business for over ten years.  Spy Store International offers the most varied selection of spy gear and spy equipment, including video & audio surveillence equipment, counter surveillence, GPS tracking, PC/Cellular spying equipment and much more.  
The Security & Surevellence industry is rife with misinformation and grossly inflated prices. Search the internet, look at all the other spy stores, or even on Amazon or Ebay. It is almst impossible to figure out which product is built by which company. Because all of these products are made by little known brands or are generically built in China, it is extremely difficult for a customer to figure out what they are buying. It is common for online spy stores to even claim that they are the manufacturers of products that are actually built in another country. Often it isn’t until a customer receives the product they ordered that they realize that they paid much too much for a cheap Chinese device. Spy Store International is honest and upfront about origins of all our products.

In our industry, there is a wide range in quality between products that look almost identical to the untrained eye. 

We know that most of our customers have neither the time nor the expertise to distinguish the quality from the junk. So we pride ourselves on rigorously testing equipment and featuring the highest quality and most inventive products at the lowest prices possible. Our staff not only tests our products, but uses them out in the field to take the YouTube product videos you see on our product pages. If you can't find the item you're looking for on our site, give us a call and we'll be happy to find it for you. 


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